This recipe came off the net
and not from Berkely Springs

Apple Butter Recipe
From Bubbe's ("Grandmother's") kitchen:

We were "good" for hours while this bubbled and
cooked on the stove, and shamelessly begged to
lick the spoon!  Enjoy!

12 POUNDS of Apples, washed, drained, and sliced.
1 GALLON of Sweet Apple Cider
6 CUPS of (white) Sugar
1 Tbsp. Cinnamon
1 Tsp.  Cloves

Cook apple slices in cider until soft.

(Note: Bubbe did not peel the apples, the skin
came off when she pressed it through the sieve)

Press through sieve or food mill.
Boil until thick enough to heap in a spoon.
Add sugar, spices.
Boil until thick.
Pour hot into jars.

*Variations:  Substitue brown sugar (packed firmly)
or molassas for a different taste.

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